Odyssey of the Mind at Mariposa Elementary

Mariposa Elementary has formed a Division I Odyssey team for the 2016 Regional competition.

Our team is compromised of the following team members:

Third Grade Representative: Justin Horton

Fourth Grader Representatives: Samantha Gardner, James Philips, Sydnee Rubenstein, Janellie Alvarez

Fifth Grade Representative: Alexandra Smith

Coaches: Mrs. Jennifer Scipioni,  Mrs. Patricia Gomes
Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving program where students work together to solve problems. Some problems are spontaneous and solved within minutes on the day of competition. They also have a long-term problem. This long-term problem takes months of preparation. The team must create their own play with costumes, props and setting without adult assistance. As if that isn’t hard enough, there are restrictions and requirements that they must include in the play. This year the problem the team decided to complete is titled Fins, Furs, Feathers and Friends. They are creating a comedic play about animals who have to solve three different problems.

Keep an eye out for the debut of our play in front of Mariposa students and staff at the end of February. It will be our final preparation for our competition in Boca Raton on Saturday, February 27th, against other schools in our region. If the team wins, they will go to University of Central Florida in April to compete against the entire state. Wish them luck!


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