Oath of Office

St. Lucie Public Schools is proud to announce that on November 20, 2018, School Board Attorney Dan Harrell swore into office three re-elected School Board Members. The District welcomes the continued leadership of Debbie Hawley (District 1), Dr. Donna Mills, (District 3) and Troy Ingersoll (District 5). The three Board Members unite with members Carol Hilson (District 2) and Kathryn Hensley (District 4).


Also, in the November 20th School Board Organizational Meeting, Mrs. Debbie Hawley was elected Chairman and Mrs. Kathryn Hensley was elected Vice Chairman.  Congratulations, Mrs. Hawley and Mrs. Hensley!


Debbie Hawley, Chairman

Kathryn Hensley, Vice Chairman

Carol A. Hilson

Troy Ingersoll

Dr. Donna Mills



Author: Lydia Martin

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