Each year, every Northport student participates in the Young Author’s program. The program is a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate that each can use the complete writing process effectively. Writing and editing the books and then publishing the final, revised book is a commitment to engaged learning. The Young Author’s writing process focuses directly on student curriculum for all grade levels in English/Language Arts and reading. Standards are applied to student organization, draft, reflection, revision, correction and then finally, publication and presentation. Working on the Young Author’s is common ground for all grade levels and a terrific platform for common language among students, teachers, and parents.

Every year at Northport, we set up our books by class or by team in the media center for optimal display. Parents, grandparents, administration, community members, and classes are invited to the media center to tour and peruse the books and observe student achievement first hand. Each year a different theme is used to showcase the books. This year the theme is “Big Heroes!” The entire library will be decorated in a Hero theme. Teachers and students will decorate their assigned display tables using a superhero, veteran, police officer, deputy sheriff, first responder, or an every day hero. The key words are “integrity,” ” service,” “empathy,” “sacrifice,” ” honor,” “commitment,” and “family.”

Students follow a common rubric and use handmade decorations and illustrations. Writing can be fiction, non fiction, poetry, or research. Any genre is acceptable. Northport may select seven students who promote the best overall achievement expected from Northport students. The District Young Author’s event will be held at Oak Hammock on May 21, 2016 at 10:00 am.

Pictured are Northport third grade teachers Jennifer Lusardi, Deb Day, Janine Wiecks, Michelle Kemp, Lorena Wilson, Sharon Nelson and Megan Castiglia. Teachers are wearing matching “Teacher Superhero” tee shirts! We can’t wait to see the fruition of our Northport Young Author’s program.