Northport students enjoy age appropriate literature

Northport K-8 eighth grade students in Sandra Tyndale’s reading classes are enjoying a special section of books that are particularly chosen for seventh and eighth graders at the school.  Students can select from Young Adult Choices (YAC) books to tweak their reading enjoyment. The YAC books are being promoted in four schools in the district: Manatee Academy, Treasure Coast High School, Dan McCarty School and Northport K-8 School. The chosen books are shelved and marked separately to encourage young adults to read. The books, all very new and up to date, provide middle and high school students with an opportunity to voice their opinion about books being written for them. Each book comes with a ballot and students determine if the book is enjoyable by filling out the ballotand dropping it into a ballot box. The book votes are then tallied by Media Specialist Debbie Remington at Manatee Academy and the coordinator for the YAC
program. The importance of offering teens and young adults choices and voices in reading material is crucial for a successful literacy program in schools. Over the next three years, 5,000 new books will be distributed in this terrific program opportunity. Pictured, from left , are Avi Holman, Okyia Mclean and Shadia Stone.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist