Northport students combine powerful lesson on literacy and antibullying

Seventh and eighth grade students on the Northport K-8 Clownfish team combined a great lesson on literacy with a powerful antibullying message in the school Media Center recently. Students read the book “Call Me Yubbie” written by Joe Wojcik, better known as Joe The Biker in their reading classes. Each student then wrote an essay putting themselves in the shoes of one of the characters in the book. Some students took on the persona of the bully and others took on characteristics of the victim as displayed in their very poignant writings. Joe Wojcik then visited with the students discussing his life story, how to deal with real life bullies, why bullies do what they do and why victims act as they do in real life. Joe engaged the students in a tremedous morning of interaction, discussion and “real talk” about bullying and combined effective literacy lessons in the discussions. The program can be viewed in its entirety
on the St. Lucie Education channel on School Report in the near future.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist