Northport K-8 fourth grade students in Carissa Berkely’s class listened to their teacher read a book that they could really relate to and enjoy.  Mrs. Berkel, along with fourth grade teacher Juliette Thelusma, read the book “Sped” by Re Marzullo to their students recently. The students then wrote letters expressing their delight with the book and the story line to the author. Re Marzullo responded to the student’s questions in a letter and also sent each student an autographed bookmark. The book is about a small special education class in a middle school affectionately dubbed “Small Group Superstars.”  The main character is a young boy who has been in the class with boys only for several school years.  This year was different because two girls entered the class.  The story is about coping with change, bullying issues and meeting challenges. Students were so thrilled to receive an acknowledgement from the author because they enjoyed the reading so much. Pictured, from left, are Connor O’Sullivan, Cierra Yuhas and Giovanni DiCandeloro.