Northport K8 honors women’s history

The Northport K-8 Media Center radiated beauty, power, strength and a sense of family recently as the students and teachers celebrated and honored Women’s History.  Each year during March, Northport Media Center transforms into a center for women’s culture.  The program this year was dedicated to Connithea Arrindell and also to the strong, powerful and fearless women of the United States military.  The acts in the program included  Spanish teacher, Vicki Baird singing “I Am The One,” third grade teacher Tiffany Tredor playing her violin, eighth grade student Taylor Greger singing “Wind Beneath My Wings,” seventh grade girls in Dot Still’s class performing Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal
Woman,” a PowerPoint presentation by Mala Woessner’s students on the birth of  Women’s History, kindergarten teacher Staci Saunders singing “Greatest Love Of All,” a tribute to Lucille Ball by sixth graders on the Starfish team, a talk about Sacajawea and Rachel Carson by Mike and Moriah Weir, a Susan B. Anthony tribute and beat rap by fourth and fifth graders in Juliette Thelusma and Nichole Robinson’s classes and a variety of other poems and skits.  The program was a wonderful celebration of women, family, love and standing strong and brave.  Pictured are instructors Mala Woessner, left, and Josie Bailey and some of the Northstar team girls.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist