Northport K8 enjoys rousing, thoughtful memorium

Northport K-8 School honorably commemorated the tragedy of September 11, 2001, with a program in the gymnasium recently. The program included veterans clubs and chapters from across the county as well as Donna Carlsen, Veteran Services Coordinator for St. Lucie County. Students listened as first responder, Albert Hickey, a New York detective, spoke about his first hand knowledge and his response at Ground Zero. Mary Toto, ESOL instructor from Northport, spoke about her recollections that terrible morning and how the teachers, parents and students reacted. Veteran Bill Arnold called the names of the four doomed airplanes, and eight flags were posted for the eight children who perished on September 11. American Legion Post 318 did a flag folding ceremony that was so interesting and wonderful for the students to watch and hear. The Northport middle grades choir, under the direction of James Kirk, sang a rendition of America the Beautiful and seventh grader Tenaj Dobson sang the National Anthem. Teachers and students remembered the day with the raising of the flag that was dedicated to Northport K8 School by Thomas Babington, who carried the flag into battle in Iraq. Another special flag was donated by Harold Trieber, KW 60 Ambassador from the Department of Defense with the names of all September 11, 2001, victims. The program was wrapped up with Taps and a rousing launch of the Vietnam Veterans motorcycle chapter firing their engines for students. Pictured are Dr. Laura Woodworth and sixth grader Lindsey O’Sullivan placing a flag near the flagpole.