Northport K-8 School welcomes students with Tunnel of Hope!

Northport K-8 School welcomed students, parents and grandparents back to a wonderful kickoff for a fresh and positive new school year! Northport K-8 School is a Title I school nestled in a community of hardworking families who appreciate the welcoming nature of the school community including the administration, teachers, staff, custodians and cafeteria staff.

The schools extended community came out in droves on the first day of school to welcome students with shouts of “Welcome Back,” signs with positive messages, American flags held by veterans, police officers, fire fighters, school board members, staff from Big Brothers, Big sisters and the Children’s Services Council and other members of the business community. The welcoming line of invested members of the extended community offered the school support and gave a flourish to the first day of school.

Many teachers shook hands with students and parents and gave positive greetings to all students. Northport K-8 School’s status as a “Kids At Hope” School offers the school community real support and a great chance to cultivate even deeper friendships with families and key support from a very appreciative community.

Special thanks to SLC School Board members, Kathryn Hensley and Troy Ingersoll, Pam Dampier, Executive Director of Schools, Alice Kenyon and many police officers from the Port St. Lucie Police Department, Sean Boyle from Children’s Services Council, Lt. Diane Thompson from the Sheriff’s Department and several other deputies, the Legion Riders from American Legion Post 318, members of the American Legion Post 355 as well as Bill Arnold representing the American Legion Post 318 and members of the Korean War Veterans Assoc. Chapter 106. Many other members of the community were on hand as well to give a rousing welcome to the students and families. Many thanks to one and all who helped plant the seeds of hope on the first day of school!

Pictured is Northport K-8 School parent Heriberto Gamez with his son, sixth grader, Aidan Gamez.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist