Northport Connects to the Power of Aces!

Every morning and at every school event, Northport K-8 students and teachers recite their “Kids at Hope” pledge. The meaning of the pledge is permeating the very fabric of the school in many ways. An example of student connection to the meaning of “Kids at Hope” can be found in Ann Barbare’s middle grades Intensive math class. Mrs. Barbare and her students worked diligently to make an engaging board with the theme of finding the students “Ace of Hearts” who is the parent or guardian and their “Ace of Clubs” who is any other caring adult who knows and understands the students skills and talents. Students and teachers have meaningful conversations throughout the day about individual talents, dreams and goals. Often times, the “Ace of Clubs” is the child’s teacher or perhaps a mentor or tutor from Big Brothers, Big Sisters or AmeriCorps. The administrators and teachers, in partnership with the parents and families, are finding the deep value in building working relationships to demand high expectations from students and help each child to believe in themselves and to ferret out compassion, leadership skills, abilities and desires. The Northport community believes, along with the entire school district, that all children are capable of success, No Exceptions! It is the pleasure of the school community to highlight the very best assets of each and every child. Northport K-8 School is an authentic “Work In Progress” and we acknowledge that we, as a community, are constant learners and are ever evolving. Our “Kids at Hope” success stories will definitely becoming more and more plentiful!

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist