Nittiya Boyce Shines in the “Inlet 100th Anniversary Student Art Contest”

Lincoln Park Academy student, Nittiya Boyce, 7th grade, placed third in the “Inlet 100th Anniversary Student Art Contest”. The contest was sponsored by the Fort Pierce Lions Club. They were inspired to hold a contest to celebrate the inlet because children are the future keepers of our environment. They hope that this celebration will motivate students to be good stewards of our environment including our waterways and local sea life. Nittiya’s impressive artwork will be displayed at City Hall by the Commission Chambers for the month of May. She has won a $50 Visa gift card, ribbon, and certificate for her talent and creativity. The judges were local artists, Janet Bird Fuller and Diane Stark Kennedy, of 2nd Street Art. Nittiya is currently in an Emerging Artist program which focuses on preparing students for advancing levels of high school art. Nittiya loves to do animal portraits and has experience with a wide variety of mediums. Her art teacher, Ms. Duran, states that Nittiya excels when it comes to utilizing watercolor and color pencil to achieve realism in her artworks. We are very proud of her at Lincoln Park Academy, and we know that Nittiya will continue to shine!