Mr. Lezeau Speaks To FPW 9th Graders

Fort Pierce Westwood High School hosted its very own Mr. Joseph Lezeau as the guest speaker for the Speakers Bureau Series.

Mr. Lezeau spoke about the basic principles that were taught to him by his father. These are two very important resources to have: information and knowledge. He recounted his experiences of initially growing up poor in both Haiti and the U.S.  Mr. Lezeau also shared with his audience the fact that, in the beginning, he did not take advantage of the resources and knowledge he attained and was not appreciative of what was in front of him. He recognized that at that age he “short-changed” himself. However, he emphasized that because of his determination and diligence “to be more” and “to have more,” his mindset eventually changed. Mr. Lezeau now represents St. Lucie Public Schools as an Intern Principal at Fort Pierce Westwood High School.

Author: Lydia Martin

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