Mosaic Digital Academy 1st Grader Takes 3rd Place in 10th Annual Art Contest Sponsored by K12 Inc.

Our own Jayden is a 6-year-old 1st grader at Mosaic Digital Academy who took 3rd place in K12, inc’s 10th Annual Art Contest. Jayden’s art project, “Journey to the Moon,” was created with paper, cardboard, glue, glitter, paint, stickers, number stencils, cut outs and tissue paper. Jayden enjoyed splattering paint all over the cardboard to create the stars…it was messy, fun and effective. Jayden has taken a recent interest in the moon and stars, leading us to explore the decade of the 1960’s when the first trip to the moon was made. Jayden used books, photos, adventures outside including star gazing, a recent viewing of the blood moon, and videos of the early Apollo missions to learn about this period of time. Jayden’s favorite part of learning about astronauts was eating space ice cream, and he did that for the first time during his construction of this artwork!

Author: Jeanne Ziemba

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