MDA Receives Innovation Grant

Mosaic Digital Academy Principal, Jeanne Ziemba and her staff were presented with a $2500 I.D.E.A. Grant from FLVS (Florida Virtual School) for demonstrating Innovation, Design, Efficiency, and Achievement in a public virtual school program.

FLVS supports franchise partners like Mosaic Digital Academy across the state of Florida and recognizes districts that represent unique local instructional practices, creative processes, and delivery efficiencies that can inform future ideation resulting in successful online teaching and learning for all.  Dr. Polly Halderman, FLVS Chief Customer Officer, presented the grant award to Principal Ziemba with staff during the Teacher Workday, March 19, 2018. The staff will use the grant award to continue to provide innovative approaches for increased student success for all Kindergarten through Grade 12 full time virtual students.


Pictured (Left to Right): Chris Waldrop, Will Goulet, Amanda Kiefer, Deborah Russum, Carrie Kahr, Dr. Polly Halderman (FLVS Leadership), Jeanne Ziemba, Principal, Fran Pitts, Laura Lankow and Christine Witzak.