Mariposa’s Fifth Grade N.E.E.D. Students Visit the Capital

Mariposa Elementary’s 5th grade Monarchs received a well-deserved recognition for their participation in the NEED Project. This project encourages and rewards student leadership and innovation by sponsoring a Youth Awards Program for Energy Achievement.  Students in the NEED program, led by Mrs. Carla Bargeron, were awarded the Florida Elementary runner up for their excellent job educating younger students in energy conservation. Exceptional teachers and students are invited to attend NEED’s National Recognition Ceremonies held each June in Washington, DC. There, they are recognized for their efforts at the state and national level for their active role in the energy conservation education. At the conference, our 5th grade students, Ian Ottinger, Imari Johnson, Sydney Luppens, Devon Barbour, Taline El-Khoury, and Jordan Sanchez worked with peers from all over the country exploring new energy activities while NEED teachers had the opportunity to network and prepare for the coming school year. Mrs. Heydys Sanchez had the opportunity to participate as the teacher lead, and she shared the joys with a fabulous group of 6 moms attending. Although these students are now in 6th grade, attending their new schools, please join Mariposa in congratulating their achievements.


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