Mariposa Students Visit The Busch Wildlife Care Center

Mariposa Elementary first grade students enjoyed a beautiful day at The Busch Wildlife Care Center in Jupiter, FL. Each class enjoyed a tour led by one of the talented educators on staff at the Care Center. The students learned about Florida animals and their environment. Most importantly, they learned the importance of preserving animal habitats and how to care for the animals.

While on the tour, students saw an alligator and a crocodile, four species of owls, hawks, a bald eagle, a deer, raccoons, vultures, cranes, turkeys, and many more interesting animals. Under the supervision of Wildlife Care Center staff, students also had the opportunity to pet a baby alligator, a snake, and a skunk.

The day was perfect. On the bus,  Levin Mendez Lopez and Gabriel Powell have smiling faces showing just how perfect the day was.


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