Mariposa Elementary students learn in cooperative reading groups

Students in Maria Nunez’s fourth grade class at Mariposa Elementary School were organized in a cooperative reading group with Kagan structures. There are four to five students in a group and each student has a specific job. One student will read aloud while the others read silently. When the page is read, each student has a task following a pyramid in the middle that says what that job is. Someone will summarize, then another student will predict, and the last student will connect the story to their lives, another book or a movie. After one round, the pyramid is turned to the left and the next person reads the next page. Each student will go through the cycle at least once. Students are accountable for what they are reading and learn to share their thoughts appropriately. They also get to verbalize their thoughts. It will take time to develop the skill of conversation and discussion, but the results will be fascinating. Pictured, from top left clockwise, are Jaden Derocha, Erik Paz, Joseph Potts, Jacob Guerrero, and Joey Peterson.