Mariposa Elementary Schoolwide STEM Challenge

During our recent early release day, Mariposa Elementary participated in a schoolwide STEM Tower Challenge. Students enjoyed the hands-on activities while using their STEM skills.
Mariposa K-2 students were challenged to build a tower with cups and index cards tall enough for them to help save Rapunzel, who needed help because the evil stepmother had cut her hair so she couldn’t escape.
At the same time, the 3-5 graders were challenged to engineer the tallest balloon tower possible. During the process, the students had many unforeseen economic situations arise. First, there was the loss of resources due to company loss of money. (They had to build with one hand behind their back.) After a bit, the management saw the issues and decided to outsource and bring in people from other countries to help them build. (They could use both hands but weren’t allowed to verbally communicate with other workers.)
Students had a great time and worked well cooperatively. They also learned other ways to communicate and problem solve.


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