Mariposa Elementary Receives a Grant and Donations to Create a Monarch Hatchery for All to Enjoy

Since we are the Mariposa Monarchs, what better way to learn about our mascot than in person? Assistant Principal Ms. Patton was awarded a grant for our school from the Educational Foundation. This grant has helped us to buy new books about butterflies and their life cycle. We were also able to build a beautiful garden that has already attracted Monarch, Zebra Longwings, and white butterflies. Some of the Monarch butterflies laid eggs on our milkweed, and before long our plants were covered in caterpillars!

Our students have been able to observe the caterpillars, the beautiful green chrysalis, and each day brings new monarch butterflies to our campus. In addition to the grant, we received generous donations from Palm City Palms, Home Depot, and several other local small businesses. We now have over 100 plants to attract and host our new butterfly visitors. We were even able to add a three-tiered fountain. Staff members, students, and parents have pitched in to create a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the view!


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