Mariposa Elementary Promotes Dental Health Awareness

Mariposa Kindergarten Students celebrated Dental Health Month with Dr. Cook’s Dental office’s amazing Hygienists. They gave the students a fun interactive experience to help them overcome their fears of the dentist office and instructed them on correct brushing and flossing methods.

In the this picture Abigail Baptiste is the Hygienist and Troy Bradley Jr is the patient as they role-play a visit with the Hygienist.

Also, Dylan Claesgens and Mya Daniels played the happy tooth and sad tooth holders. The hygienists showed foods and the students had to decide if it was a food that made their teeth happy or sad.

The Hygienists from Dr. Cooks’ office also used some of Mariposa’s Kindergarten students as teeth and gums to show them the correct way to floss.
It was a great learning experience and the student’s had a grand time role playing.