Mariposa Elementary Partners with Fort Pierce Westwood Academy

Third grade students at Mariposa Elementary worked in partnership with the Fort Pierce Westwood Academy students.  Collin Heatherington, Devin Gorzong, Wendy Zepadta, Zhanè B, Allison Kholer, Lena Shingledecker, Julia Haney, Samantha Watson, Clovis Wilson, and Nayeli Fernandez built four raised garden beds for their fellow Mariposa Monarchs.  Students across the campus will participate in the care of the gardening beds. Many farm to table activities will be conducted which directly connect to the ELA, math, science and social studies standards. Audrey Barr, Gabriel Barahona, Antonio Thomas, Sylas Rodriguez, Jocelyn Erwin, David Espinosa, Alejandro Alvarez-Aldana, Daniella Post, Drayden Walls, and Ayva Bonacchi are very excited to begin planting. Stay tuned for future updates and of course snacks!!


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