Mariposa Elementary Celebrates Unity Day

On Unity Day, Mariposa students and staff wore orange to show that they are together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Kindergartner, Nia Johnson, is pointing out our United for Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion Sign. Mariposa students worked on Project Connect which connects orange strips of paper to create a chain. Project Connect joins students, schools, and communities to make a powerful statement about uniting against bullying. The Project Connect chains are showcased in the cafeteria. It was a great day for Unity! Ms. Ashlyn Baliton (School Counselor) and Ms. Angela Patton (Assistant Principal) are showcasing the Pledge to End Bullying poster which is signed by our Mariposa students. The WINGS TV Mariposa studio crew are wearing orange to stand up for Unity. Pictured: Tyler Rubenstein, Jeremiah Timmons, Jayden Timmons, Anelia Dennis, Eden Smith, and Mrs. Christina Bondi (Media Clerk). Mariposa stands up for Unity!


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