Mariposa Elementary Brothers Help Fellow Students Go Home with Books

At Mariposa Elementary’s book fair, many students benefited from a special donation from two brothers, Antonio Delatorre and Alejandro Delatorre. The brothers each donated $10 along with a letter they individually wrote indicating that they would like the money to benefit students who cannot afford a book. It was a very special donation indeed and many students went home with books because of their generous donation!

Also, the book fair hosted a “Books and Bubbly” event for teachers and staff. It included homemade appetizers and sparkling cider with a performance from Mr. Guess’ fifth grade students. This spectacular musical performance revolved around three books: Ghosts, Took, and The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade! which were highlighted at the book fair.

Thank you to all who supported the book fair. It was a huge success. Plus, many thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers.



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