LPA Studio Art: A New Learning Environment – Not Just Looking But Seeing

Mr. McGraw’s I & II 2D Studio classes have been using the time at school or at home to truly look at the world around them. During the normal school year students at LPA draw from life in the art classroom. “We focus strongly on life drawing as the fundamental skills necessary to reach artistic goals.” This year, while at home via MySchool or in the physical classroom students have been examining the concept of looking. Students have been studying familiar and often taken for granted objects in the kitchen as objects to study and draw from. “Looking is a physical act; seeing is a mental process of perception. Seeing involves recognizing or connecting the information the eyes take in with your previous knowledge and experiences in order to create meaning.” This requires time and attention – a novel thing in the “instant” age students find themselves in today.

At the same time, in the spirit of National Hispanic Heritage Month 2020, Mr. McGraw’s AP and Advanced students have been working on concentrations dealing with various aspects of world cultures and histories.

L. Nolasco (Grade 9)

K. Prokop ( Grade 12)

K. Kwok (Grade 10)

Portrait study by K. Occed, Grade 11 (Top Image)