Local tv personality visits Lakewood Park Elementary

Lakewood Park Elementary fourth grade students had the opportunity to participate in the Channel 25 WPBF Weather School Wednesday with meterologist Chris Martinez. The program was fun, interactive and informative for the Lakewood Park Elementary students. The students received information about the local weather, weather forecasting, hurricanes, tornadoes, and many other interesting facts. The students loved visiting the Channel 25 weather truck, viewing the TV cameras, TV monitors which had the students’ photos on it, seeing the live shows in progress, and hearing the interesting facts presented by the Channel 25 WPBF Crew. The highlight for the students was to see themselves on the Channel 25 Weather News that evening.  The web address to view the program is
http://www.wpbf.com/tv/about/are-you-ready-to-be-weatherschooled/-/8790476/22137428/-/lm1mtj/-/index.html, then click on weather on the tool bar at the top and click Chris’s Weather School. Lakewood Park Elementary thanks Chris Martinez and the Channel 25 Weather School Wednesday team.  Pictured, back row left, are Chris Martinez and fourth grade teacher Ashle Henderson with two of her students.