Local students win awards at state science fair

Thirteen  students from St. Lucie County participated in the recent 57th Annual State Science Fair in Lakeland, the largest academic competition in the State of Florida.  Over 820 students statewide  participated in the event hosted by  the Florida Foundation for Future Scientists (FFFS).  FFFS  is a statewide, non-profit organization authorized by the 1957 Legislature of the State of Florida to discover scientific and technical talent in the schools of Florida and to encourage the pursuit of careers in science and engineering. Students from St. Lucie County participated and received awards/ recognition  in the following categories at the State Science Fair event:   Behavioral and Social Sciences,  Jacob A. Smith, Marine Oceanographic Academy at Westwood High School; Biochemistry,  Robert  M. Bacchus Jr., Lincoln Park Academy, third place;  Botany, Stephanie B. Fisher, St. Lucie West Centennial High School, fourth place;  Engineering, Zoe R. Barebau, Olivet Private School, second place; Justin R Becker, Olivet Private School, recognition and Yale Science and Engineering Association Inc. Award;  Environmental Sciences,  Haniya Shareef, Lincoln Park Academy, third place;  Neha K. Reedy, Lincoln Park Academy, second place, USDA Agricultural Research Award;  Todd J. Condon Jr., Lincoln Park Academy, second place, $3,000/ yr  scholarship, University of Central Florida;  Mathematics, Danae J. Pick, Olivet Private School, fourth place, National Youth Science Camp Award;  McKenzie M. Cameron, St. Lucie West K-8, fourth place;  Microbiology,  Cristin K. Donaldson, Lincoln Park Academy, third place;  Faizah Shareef, Lincoln Park Academy;   Zoology,  Nicole K. Delano, Palm Pointe Educational Research School at Tradition.  Pictured, from left, are Robert M. Bacchus Jr, Danae J. Pick, Nicole K. Delano,  Zoe R. Barebau, Cristin K. Donaldson, McKenzie M. Cameron,  Todd J. Condon Jr., Haniya Shareef,  Neha K. Reedy,  Jacob A. Smith,  Justin R Becker, Stephanie B. Fisher,  and Faizah Shareef.