Local church provides books for students to take home over holiday break

St. Bernadette Church in St. Lucie West supported a Project Children’s Literacy book drive to allow Garden City Early Learning Academy students to take a few books home with them during their Thanksgiving break. Father Victor Ulto and the church’s Stewardship Committee sponsored Project Children’s Literacy, and 15 stewards and literacy committee members regularly enjoy working with students at Garden City during their literacy block. Pictured, from left, are literacy Coach Lexi Laoutas, principal Traci Wilke, with stewards and volunteers George Lambert, Marilyn Faria, and Cilla Vitagliano, with St. Lucie Public Schools Early Childhood coordinator Mary Huffstetter. Seated is steward and volunteer Mary Lambert with several of the children who will be taking books home during the holiday break. The literacy committee presented 512 books to the school, along with $945 for the purchase of additional books!