Lincoln Park Academy Art Department Wins First Place at The Saint Lucie County Fair

The Saint Lucie County Fair Association invited local schools to participate in themed displays.  Following the theme, “Preserve the Fun, Recycle When Done,” Lincoln Park Academy received the first place award in the high school division which included a generous $1,000 cash prize.  In a class discussion about why recycling is important for our planet and its inhabitant, the students came up with the idea that nature cannot be manufactured.  It is a gift from the earth and its beauty cannot be fabricated.  Ms. Duran’s 3D high school students (grades 9-12) collaborated in creating a large tree which read, “We Cannot Manufacture Nature.” 

Students created sculptures out of recycled materials such as newspaper, empty bottles, fabric, and machine parts.  These sculptures were placed around the fallen tree.  The goal of the scene was to juxtapose the subtlety of the beauty of nature with bright and colorful manufactured objects.  There were several large, featured projects including Katrina Wu’s (9th) large bird sculpture produced from recycled cardboard and Terrance Bea’s (12th) elegant and life-like baby elephant.  




Author: Candace Stone

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