Kitchen Krawl

St. Lucie Public Schools partnered with Main Street Fort Pierce to connect downtown Fort Pierce businesses to the high and middle school culinary programs.  In mid-October, nine culinary teachers toured eight restaurants; Importico Bakery, Uncle Carlo’s Gelato, Taco Dive, 2nd Street Bistro, Subway, Sunrise City Café, The Bradford and the Cake Lady.  The whirlwind tour started at 3 PM with kitchen tours, sampling flagship dishes, historical tidbits, and moving on to the next stop.  The group was thrilled to see Fort Pierce Central and Fort Pierce Westwood culinary graduates in action —  one as hostess and one as restaurant owner!  Teachers loved the fast- paced event, hospitality shown, making connections, and hearing each restaurant’s story.  Restaurants loved hearing that culinary students take the ServSafe Industry Certification exam while in high school.  Future collaborations were planned including classroom presentations, student employment, and advisory board meetings.  Big thanks to Doris Tillman and Michelle Cavalcanti from Main Street Fort Pierce.



Author: Lydia Martin

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