Jeffrey Johnson Honored

The School Board extended congratulations to St. Lucie Public Schools Teacher of the Year Mr. Jeffrey Johnson who is an exceptional student education teacher at Dale Cassens Educational Complex.

Last week, during a meeting of Florida’s Cabinet, Governor Rick Scott recognized Mr. Johnson along with four other  Teachers of the Year from across the state with the Governor’s Shine Awards. The Shine Award is presented to teachers and administrators in Florida who make significant contributions to the field of education.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I am proud to recognize five of Florida’s top educators today for their commitment to making sure their students are prepared to succeed in the classroom and future careers. As 2017 Teachers of the Year, they are an outstanding example of the many hardworking educators across the state that are doing all they can to give our students the highest quality education.”

Congratulations to Mr. Johnson.

Author: Lydia Martin

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