Jaguars Dominate at South Fork

The Port Saint Lucie High School Jaguar Raider team competed in South Fork’s Raider Competition against 17 teams from 7 other schools. The competition consisted of five events: 3 mile team run, Cross Country Rescue, The Raider Fitness Challenge, 200lb tire flip over a 100 meter course, and the One-Rope Bridge event.  Before the Cross Country Rescue everyone takes a written first aid test, during the event the team simulates a casualty by carrying an 80-120lb stretcher over a mile long course while wearing three 30lb ruck sacks.  To complete the Raider Fitness Challenge the team must go through a course consisting of a 10 yard low crawl, a 40 yard 20-30lb sandbag carry, an obstacle to either go over or under, a speed agility maze, an 120lb object to carry around 50’ length, and a turnaround point to repeat the course in reverse.  The Jaguars dominated the competition, the male team and the female team won first place Over All winning four out of the five events.  Males and females placed first place in the 3 mile team run, cross country rescue, the raider fitness challenge, and the One-Rope Bridge.  We are very proud of all the cadets’ who work hard and took home 10 first place trophies.


Tire Flip Run Rope Bridge Fitness Challenge CCR