Jaguar Battalion presents colors for graduating seniors

The Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion supported the Port St. Lucie High’s graduation ceremony with the Presentation of the Colors. Leading the color guard was C/CPL Lily Durst, C/2LT Ashlee Seipel carrying the State Flag followed by the two guards, C/1LT James Williams and C/SSG Tyrone Salazar. Afterwards, the band played the National Anthem, led by John McGallagher, and senior class president Jemima Thermidor led the Pledge of Allegiance. The Senior Class of 2013 played a major role in leading the Jaguar Battalion to success. Pictured, from left, C/1LT James Williams, C/CPL Lily Durst, C/2LT Ashlee Seipel, and C/SSG Tyrone Salazar. Picture by Kayla Figueroa.