Jaguar Battalion Holds Car Wash

On Saturday, October 10th, cadets from Port St. Lucie High School participated in a car wash fundraising event at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. The generosity of O’Reillys enabled the cadets to raise money by washing cars, all within the safety guidelines taking COVID-19 into consideration. The fundraiser was a success due to the abundance of cars the cadets were able to wash.  Everything flowed smoothly as the cadets established a system of getting cars through the washing and drying stations. The cadets were broken down into groups of five and rotated through the stations. This event proved to be a huge success for the program and they were able to raise a large sum of money. The money the cadets raised will benefit the program’s future events such as the military ball and field trips.  The cadets of the Jaguar Battalion look forward to another successful car wash in March.


Author: Lydia Martin

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