Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic-Americans helped shape Florida’s rich history. From art to music to engineering, the contributions of many individuals continue to influence us today.

Featured Artist

Carmen Sasieta

Carmen SasietaCarmen Sasieta is a Social Realism artist, born in Peru.  She graduated in 1994 with honors from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and has taken classes with renowned artists like Hernan Miranda and Baruj Salinas.

Carmen has traveled extensively to fulfill her desire to explore and understand different cultures and people. These journeys have given her the opportunity to experience life in all its splendor and struggles, enriching and allowing her to her observe issues that other women have to go through in search of their path, soul and identity. During her course of development as an artist, she has had the opportunity to witness and appreciate the accomplishments of many outstanding females as independent mothers, workers and entrepreneurs which she has represented in her paintings.

Sasieta’s main technique is oil painting. At an early age she stood out with her natural ability for drawing and painting. She prides herself in her ability to intimately communicate with her audience. This connection is largely due to her “portraying with master strokes” throughout her paintings, providing profound expression and sentiment, something she enjoys enormously.

Carmen has participated in many art shows, both independently and in collective art exhibitions during her career. She has won many prestigious awards and recognition around the world in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Argentina and the United States. The journalist and art critic Michael Mills put it best when he wrote “She is so meticulous that Carmen’s work is reminiscent of Henri Rousseau’s art.” Much has been written about her work in European and American Art magazines. Living now in Florida, the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel follow her career extensively.

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Gloria Estefan (born September 1, 1957) Gloria Maria Milagrosa Fajardo García, known professionally as Gloria Estefan, is a Cuban-born American singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. The Fajardo family fled to Miami, Florida as a result of the Cuban Revolution and settled down there. She is in the top 100 best selling music artists with an estimated 100 million records sold worldwide, 31.5 million of those in the United States alone. She has won seven Grammy Awards and is the most successful crossover performer in Latin music to date.Estefan was born Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo on September 1, 1957 in Havana, Cuba, to José and Gloria Fajardo. Her maternal grandfather, Leonardo García, immigrated to Cuba from Pola de Siero, Asturias, Spain, where he married Gloria’s maternal grandmother, originally from Logroño, Spain. Prior to the Cuban Revolution, her father was a Cuban soldier and a bodyguard to Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.