High Schools Recognized for Excellence

During February’s School Board Meeting, Superintendent E. Wayne Gent provided an overview of the school district’s graduation rates and commended each of the area’s high schools for their gains.

St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) ranks fifth in Florida and proudly serves as the highest-ranking District on the Treasure Coast with a graduation rate of 91.0 percent.  As a B rated District, there are no failing schools.

LPA Grad Rate 99.6%

TCHS Grad Rate 97.3%

FPCHS Grad Rate 95.5%

SLWCHS 93.2%

PSLHS 89.8%

FPWHS 89.8%

MDA – 87.4%


DCC – District Grad Rate 90.1%

PBPA –  District Grad Rate 90.1%

Author: Lydia Martin

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