Grace Packs Donations Support Students

What started out as a small packing party for approximately 150 meals to support students and families in need turned into a holiday wish-come-true as donations poured in to accommodate over 300 meals.  The St. Lucie Public Schools District Office Events Committee in conjunction with Grace Packs, Pan Florida Challenge for Hungry Kids, and St. Lucie County Fire District packed over 4,000 pounds of food into weekend packs on Tuesday in preparation for deliveries prior to the holiday break.


“Each year our Grace Packs December food drive campaign provides a boost for the Organization’s ability to support students; however, the need to meet the basic nutritional requirements of our students stretches beyond the ‘giving season.’  Student hunger hampers student learning.  We want to remove barriers to help our students succeed, and Grace Packs helps us do that,” said Superintendent E. Wayne Gent.


Grace Packs is a nonprofit organization that provides students and their families with weekend food source packages. The program began in 2011 at Oak Hammock K – 8 School, and it now serves 18 schools.  Grace Packs Organization exists through the support of schools and local community organizations.  To learn more about Grace Packs, visit


Author: Lydia Martin

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