Generosity and Love Provides Grace Packs to Southport Middle School Families

Southport Middle School would like to express their gratitude to the many generous residents of Ballentrae, in Port St. Lucie, for their continued support of our Grace Packs program. A huge thank you to Jack Jennings, from Ballentrae, who spearheaded the donation drive. Because of their support to our Grace Packs program, all our Grace Packs families will be provided with healthy food during this difficult time.
We would also like to extend our appreciation to the numerous teachers and volunteers who generously donated groceries and/or money, organized, adopted, and/or delivered Grace Packs to our Southport families these past few weeks. With the overwhelming support of our faculty and staff, each team was able to provide food, as well as gift cards for the students from their team. Along with the packages, everyone was able to show our students how much we missed, loved, and cared for them. The families were extremely grateful and greeted us with a happy heart and spirit of gratitude. Together we provide more than food. At Southport we provide whatever it takes!










“No child should ever go hungry…That is what Grace Packs is all about.”

Author: Angela Mas

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