FSA “Tunnel of Support” at Mariposa Elementary

Mariposa students and staff held a surprise “tunnel of support” for students taking the FSA test to show the students how proud we are of their hard work and to help motivate them to do their best. Younger students from each class made signs and posters encouraging their peers.  Students lined up on each side of the outside hallways with their signs. They cheered and held up their signs while the students walked through the tunnel.  This event meant a great deal to the students. At dismissal, a fifth grader told Literacy Coach Monica Almeida that now she doesn’t feel nervous for her FSA test, and the parade made her feel really special. Music teacher Chad Guess had his after school music program drummers lead the parade throughout the school. The drummers pictured are Tanya Lima, Corbin Hahn, Andrea Henandez, and Lehla Badillo. It was a great parade!


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