FPC Yearbook Advisor Back from Boston

Ms. Emily Royo, Yearbook Advisor at Fort Pierce Central High School, attended JEA/NSPA or the Journalism Education Association and its partner the National Scholastic Press Association conference in Boston, MA November 2nd-4th. Ms. Royo secured a grant sponsoring this incredible opportunity. The convention housed 4,662 High School students and advisors from all over the nation to attend expert classes on all things Journalism. The convention’s keynote speakers were three members of the legendary Boston Globe Spotlight Investigative Team that inspired the award-winning movie “Spotlight.”
The one-hour classes took place during the day on Friday and Saturday. Classes were taught by experts in the field and ranged from law and ethics of student journalism to trendy graphic design. Classes attended were as follows:
What I learned from Taylor Swift and Barbie: Advertising & Branding, School Engagement
Write So Good Your Editor Can’t Touch This: Writing
50 Ways to Tell the Story: Writing & Mods
Linking the Visual & The Verbal: Writing & Design
Design Trends that Really Work, 2024: Graphic Design
Colorful Storytelling: Writing
Details Matter: Competitive Readiness
5-Star Classes: Staff Enrichment, Engagement, Recruitment
Enter Your Kerning Era: Typography & Design
50 Ways to Show Everyone’s Story Visually: Design and Writing


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