FPC Wrestlers- Champions at all Levels

This year, FHSAA made women’s high school wrestling an official sport throughout the state of Florida. Formerly, female athletes could compete in the FHSAA men’s division; however, female athletes would compete in club-organized events such as “women’s state championship” which was unregulated by FHSAA. FPC student Mia Weisbrod (soph.) competed in the men’s division both last season and this regular season at 106lbs. However, now that the postseason has begun, she entered into the women’s State Championship series which starts at the district level. Top athletes in the District Tournament advance to a larger Regional Tournament, where the top four athletes in the region advance to the State Tournament. Mia is Central’s first-ever female District Champion. FPC Ciara Cortez (soph.) took second to Gabbriella Perez, an undefeated wrestler that took 3rd at last season’s unofficial girl’s State Championship.


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