FPC Presents Peter and the Starcatcher


For the past two years, Fort Pierce Central High School has been honored to have the famed Mr. Devon J. Goffman as its Drama Instructor. His talents on and off the stage have enraptured a generation of students to follow their passion of theatre and the performing arts. This year, Mr. Goffman and his exceptional cast presented Peter and the Starcatcher, a prequel to Peter Pan and a Tony-winning play, based on the best-selling novels.

Peter and the Starcatcher reaches audiences of all ages. From those who grew up, never wanted to grow up, and are still growing up, crowds are immersed in the world of adolescent innocence and childhood banter. Mr. Goffman, a Peter-esque character himself, leads a hearty troop of thespians on an adventure of a lifetime! Meet the well-known cast of characters from the beloved classic tale with some surprising twists and turns. Humor and friendship bind the stories of not only Peter and his crew but each member of the audience as well.