FPC Creative Writing Club: A New Chapter

A New Year, A New Cobra Way

Fort Pierce Central High School’s Creative Writing Club (CWC) was started in 2014 by Kelly Addams, a former FPC student and teacher. CWC was created to give students a place to share their writing. Mrs. McPhee has historically taught the only Creative Writing course on campus, so in 2015 Ms. Addams and a student in that class had an idea. They approached Mrs. McPhee about becoming involved with Florida’s Louder Than a Bomb Competition and their first Spoken Word Poetry Slam. Mrs. McPhee tapped Mr. Miserocchi, a spoken word poet, to become involved after the first year. After Ms. Addams departure from FPC, Mr. Miserocchi and Mrs. McPhee have been co-sponsoring the club for seven years.

The Creative Writing Club is a safe space for students to express themselves and to support others. It is a place to explore and navigate their own journeys and to support others in their journeys. Students enjoy discussing, deciphering, and writing about what is happening in the world around them and weighing in on their thoughts and feelings. CWC is a place to make lifelong friendships and for Mrs. McPhee, it is a place to give students a voice.

Looking from the past, to the present, and future, Mrs. McPhee would like to see an expanded creative writing curriculum. Students so often feel the lack of room for their voices in the public K-12 academic setting. This club bridges the gap, giving students the space and opportunity to express what’s truly on their minds and reveal what is going on in their world. Many members remain in the club for their entire high school careers. Closeness not only grows between students but the entire club and sponsors have become a family.

From its origins to this day, CWC’s goals remain the same–give students a safe space to explore their thoughts, express themselves, grow as writers, and develop meaningful friendships. FPC means family.