FPC Cobra Battalion Committed to a Cleaner Environment

As dawn broke on the morning of Saturday, September 19, 2015, the Fort Pierce Central High JROTC Cobra Battalion held their annual beach cleanup at Pepper Park on North A1A in Fort Pierce.


The Fort Pierce Central High JROTC Cobra Battalion is dedicated to helping maintain a clean environment and this event was just one in a series of Cobra Battalion events scheduled for this year that will help achieve that goal.


The Cobra Battalion walked the beach for about an hour and collected 15 bags of garbage.

IMG_20150919_084848908 IMG_20150922_130032

After cleaning the beach, the cadets ran the obstacle course at the Navy Seal and UDT Museum and played Company vs. Company games while the Cobra Battalion staff and parents cooked lunch for the other cadets.

After lunch we cleaned up and left no trace that we were there except for a cleaner beach. A special thanks to the cadets, cadre and parents who participated.