FPC Band Banquet

One Voyage Ends, Another Begins

The former Fort Pierce Post Office at 500 Orange Avenue turned event venue and hosted the annual Fort Pierce Central High School Band Banquet. Cobra students and their families gathered for a night to remember. This year’s theme was a Voyage’s End, a fitting tribute to a sojourn on a trip of a lifetime. The performing arts instill a greater sense of self in student musicians. The Marching Cobras, Concert Band, and Jazz Ensembles are a school’s version of a home-away-from-home. The arts are that which is permanent in students’ lives. Some musicians started in elementary, continued through middle, and now in high school, the arts are an embedded part of students’ identities. From stage, to field, to studio, lab, hall, shop, and kitchen, Cobras are artists. Congratulations on another superior-rated season for Mr. Daniels and his Cobra musicians. We are already looking forward to another exciting year for all Cobra Musical Artists & Leaders.


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