Fort Pierce Westwood JROTC Cadets Keep Port St Lucie Beautiful

Let’s give a big shout-out to our Army JROTC Cadets who participated in the Port St. Lucie 29th Annual “Caring Community Clean-Up Day” on Saturday, 13 APR. Our Cadets provided a helping hand to the “Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful” organization which strives to improve our quality of life through environmental education, area beautification, urban transformation, and litter control. They worked from 7:30 am until 1 pm in various parts of Port St. Lucie, collecting HUNDREDS of pounds of litter. These young leaders continue to display their commitment to the local community through selfless acts, teamwork, and dedication.
We are very proud of these young leaders.
Bryan Schmermund
Joseph Tuttle
Ian Martin
Nguyen Nguyen
Cesar Campos-Rodriguez
Travis Scroggins
Chris Rivas
Andrew Lima
Jonathan Portillo-Lopez

Author: Sarah Harris

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