Fort Pierce Central High students deepen their knowledge of local marine life

Students in Crystal Woodard’s marine science classes at Fort Pierce Central High School recently visited the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center in Stuart. They began their trip with a short lecture about oysters and their importance to our water quality. Next, they went hiking through the nature trail to the Indian River lagoon, where the students got to do actual water quality testing. In addition, they also got to see where they prep oyster shells to create oyster reefs. Students thoroughly enjoyed the stingray and invertebrate touch tank, watching the game fish feeding, and the aquarium exhibits inside. Overall it was a great interactive experience, full of hands-on marine activities, and deepened students’ overall knowledge of marine science. Pictured, from left, are Cassie Ramaker, Cassie Williams, Brenna Andrzejewski, and Veto Stockonis testing water quality.