Former Miami Dolphin’s player speaks at Palm Pointe

Jeff Cross, retired former Miami Dolphin’s player came to visit the sixth grade students at Palm Pointe Educational Research School at Tradition and spoke about perseverance, organization and staying on track with academics with their years to come. He stressed to the students how important organizational skills are and how pertinent they will be for them in the future. Teachers are here to help you form good study habits and continue to follow rules and procedures later in life. Jeff interacted with the students by having them give their definitions of “a professional football player” and what “scholarships” are. He stressed the importance of getting good grades and following through with their goals. Sports and academics go hand in hand. Students asked him a variety of questions related to academics and his football career. Overall, it was a great way for our students to really see the importance of academics and taking school seriously from a professional athlete who DID work hard from the very start. He said “you are going to close your eyes one day and wake up and it’s going to be over.”