Follow St. Lucie County WeatherSTEM at Southport Middle School for up-to-date local weather.

The Southport Middle School WeatherSTEM Unit is an integration of weather sensors that collects real-time atmospheric data and is available on the  website or mobile app. The WeatherSTEM unit was donated to Southport through a grant by Meteorologist Edward Mansouri, CEO of Ucompass in Tallahassee. WeatherSTEM provides weather data to anyone with Internet access.

The WeatherSTEM unit features updated radar, a cloud camera that takes a snapshot once per minute, as well as wind and tide information. WeatherSTEM integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum, and one of WeatherSTEM’s objectives is to improve data literacy in schools. The Data Mining Tool lets students download real-world data to use in experiments and activities. You can download the app on your handheld devices or go directly to the website to follow the weather conditions.