Florida Council on Economic Education Names St. Lucie County Educator as the Next “Teacher Spotlight” Feature

(TAMPA) – October 30, 2015– The Florida Council on Economic Education (FCEE), is pleased to announce the newly selected outstanding educator for quarter two featured on our “Teacher Spotlight – Recognizing Superior Educators for Innovation in the Classroom” webpage is, Jacqueline Harris of Village Green Environmental Studies School in St. Lucie County, FL.

Ms. Harris is an energetic and outgoing first grade educator who was awarded first place in the Entrepreneurship Category, Elementary Division, at the 2015 Governor’s Award Program for Excellence in Teaching Economics, for her project “The Healthy Kidz Snack Shop & Eatery”. Her project, which asked students to run a mock business, challenged her class to use critical thinking skills in a real-world application. For her project submission, Ms. Harris filmed the students as they explored through role-play the financial and economic concepts of owning and running an eatery.
When asked what piece of advice Ms. Harris would give to a new economics or finance teacher she replied, “…commit to hard work, be truly dedicated to teaching economics from start to finish and remember that economics and personal finance are important aspects of our lives in the real world and are considered significant parts of preparing students for college, careers and the real world later on.”
To learn more about Ms. Harris and her award winning project, or the FCEE please visit: http://www.fcee.org/teacher-spotlight/.
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Author: Lydia Martin

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