Floresta Elementary School students participate in PBS activity

On the last day of school prior to winter break, Floresta Elementary School students participated in the Positive Behavior Support Chance Opportunities to Win.  Students used their Dolphin Dollars to purchase opportunities to win a variety of great prizes to reinforce and reward students for making good choices. Floresta t-shirts, class pizza parties, lunch with a friend on stage, and tickets to Lion Country Safari, Chuck E. Cheese, and Super-Play, were just a sampling of the items that were donated and awarded to the following student winners: Mallory Sweitzer, Alon Batista, Ella Nunnaly, Tyler Parchment, Austin Fowler, Dylan Shaver, Anthony Martins, Keeshawn Robinson, Lena Shingeldecker, Abigail Coker, Jonathan Nunez, Celine Leger, Angie Denvall, Xavier Long, Taylor Lovejoy, Shellby Garron, Yaisa Valencia-Argueta, Bella Gadio, and Javon Perkins. From our Floresta family to yours, “Have a wonderful, safe, and restful Holiday Season!”